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Surge el Lobo (Born march 30, 1992), is a furry who lives in San diego, California. He is a  mexican wolf/ dog mix. His fursona is a  wolf dog mix with brown fur, a light brown under belly, a cross for a collar, and sunglasses. He enjoys roleplaying with other furry users. Surge el lobo  likes animation films a lot (e.g. fox and the hound films, Ginga series, Millionaire dogs, Oliver and company, Alpha and Omega, Rover Danger field, Zootopia, and wolfs rain) Surge el lobo  loves everything about wolves and foxes (e.g. reading and watching the)_. Surge el lobo enjoys moderate gaming (e.g.  call of duty, legend of Zelda, Smash Brothers, counter strike, and sonic games), playing guitar, reading books, playing sports (e.g. amateur baseball, cycling, basketball, and swimming).